€2 CC Spain - Avila

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€2 CC Spain - Avila

Postby mdmckenna » Wed 20 Feb 2019, 11:39

The Spanish €2 CC of Avila was issued today. Again there was quite a queue from before 7am in front of the Madrid office of the Bank of Spain, but this time the bank was well organised, they had more people handing out the coins and also more security so that people were not coming in again as only one roll is give to each person per day.
The only doubt I have is as to the number of coins issued. I have seen the figure of 1 million, but I was told by one of the employees in the Bank of Spain that the 1 million is the total for both the CCs and the normal issue €2, which looking at the 2 previous years makes sense as this was the case

2017 €2 CC 500,000 normal issue €2 500,000 Total 1,000,000
2018 €2 Santiago 300,000 50th Birthday Felipe 400,000 normal issue 300,000 Total 1,000,000

I don't know if anyone has any more data on this