Need list and wanted list of 2022 coins

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Need list and wanted list of 2022 coins

Postby 100metallica » Sat 22 Jan 2022, 12:55

Hello to all friends.

Hope, this year will be more swappartners available from Finnland to swap :)
Anyway, I am looking for these coins, I need more of them if possible because the postage costs. I can offer also many kind of coins, collect only 2€ CC UNC coins, these I also offer and need.

Here is what I need:

2018 France Simone Veil
Greece Kostis Palamas
Greece Dodecanese
2019 Malta Ta´Hagrat
Finland Constitution
2020 Luxembourg Prince Henry
Malta Skorba
France Medical research
Luxembourg Prince Charles
Luxembourg Prince Charles relief
2021 France Unicef
Finland Journalism
Greece Revolution
Finland Aland Islands
France Paris Olympics
Andorra Senior
Andorra Meritxel
2022 France Jacques Chirac

Because I can offer many coins, it is better to ask me if I have what do you need.

Best regards, Robert.

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Re: Need list and wanted list of 2022 coins

Postby thierry » Sun 23 Jan 2022, 07:52