Italy 2 €cc. 2021 Roma Capitale in coincard b.u.

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Italy 2 €cc. 2021 Roma Capitale in coincard b.u.

Postby Anto2008U.E. » Thu 25 Feb 2021, 20:03

Hi members,
I have to swap two coincards b.u. Italy 2 €cc. 2021 " Roma capitale d'Italia".
I m searching priority Latvian b.u. set 2021 and one coincard 2 €cc. 2021 " de iure" but I can swap against other 2 €cc. unc. coins especially Slovakia 2 € cc. coins several years.
I also have some Italy 2 e cc. loose unc. coins and Portugal 2019 Magellano to swap to save shipment fees
I m opened at any proposal.
If you are interested write me at

Please note that these coins in rolls at face value are not available yet.
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