How to pack rolls

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How to pack rolls

Postby Quetzal » Tue 27 Sep 2011, 14:43

Hello everyone.

I think that some of the information that was posted in the old forum should be posted here too, in order to store some of the most important information*, and also because some new swappers who may come to the forum will find it useful. (And also, the "old" forum members will be pleased to have the information at hand).

I will post the important information in a single post (instead of multiple posts), as I think it is better. (If not, administrators may change it I suppose). Please, note that I "missed" some posts with no information (such as messages containing just "Oh! Thanks for this info" or "thanx for sharing" or the like).

*To be honest: the information that I think is important and/or relevant for this purpose.

Note: in this case I just slightly modified the posts. (But only ortographic corrections! nothing else!)

Packing rolls of coins. (Original message from TOLAR7 in the old forum)
TOLAR7 wrote:Hello!

I have one bad experience with sending roll in normal bubbled envelope. Because of this lost of roll I develop my new personal packaging of rolls. :D
In next pictures I will try to present you my patent of packaging rolls:

1) In the shop I bought solid (strong) PVC material, but very light material for isolation of houses. I cut off panel in to small pieces.


2) Drill holes Fi 26 mm


3) Grind edges


4) Fill holes with rolls


5) Cover up with cap


6) Use sticky (tesa) film all over the package and put it in to the bubbled envelope



-very light material 3g!
-solid and strong material (I can step on package without damages (70 kg)
-can be use for several times
-easy to handle
-nobody know what is in envelope

I hope I can help somebody to avoid problems with sending rolls.
Sorry for my bad English..

Best regards


Quetzal wrote:
TOLAR7 wrote:
blackev wrote:Very class.
How much was the PVC?


This is material for insulation of houses and it is not expensive, but now I do not know exactly. I will do research...

But as you said: it can be used many times, so it's not the same as the price of a special envelope which can be used only once

Quetzal wrote:
TOLAR7 wrote:Yes, you are right, it can be used many times, unless when the truck run over the package... :D

How many trucks do you think they usually run over our packages?

Well... I know, it may depend on the country... :roll: :oops: :oops: because in other countries it seems that they use tank cars
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Re: How to pack rolls

Postby Robin » Wed 28 Sep 2011, 14:02

I have made it sticky

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Re: How to pack rolls

Postby Bollivierke » Wed 28 Sep 2011, 14:05

This is a very nice and innovative way of packing coin rolls :D
I'd use this method too if I would send rolls :)

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Re: How to pack rolls

Postby werner018 » Sat 15 Oct 2011, 09:25

This idea is very shrewd, but my problem in Austria is, that bubbled envelopes up to 1000 gramm are not allowed to exeed a thickness of 24 mm - therfore we can send rolls only in parcels :evil: