Belgium new coin 2€ CC "Red Cross"

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Belgium new coin 2€ CC "Red Cross"

Postby Rorix » Tue 07 Oct 2014, 16:38

Hi friends,

I've already received ten coincards of the new 2€ CC "Red Cross". After looking for a different variety (Netherland or Italian edge), I didn't found any of them. What a bad luck orrrr do you think nobody will get a coincard with a Netherland or Italian edge?

Personnally I think they have removed that coincards and only sell the normal edge. If not think about buying a coin for 7€ and have the choice of selling by 100€ xD. For me price of the rolls is justified cause you have the choice of finding a couple of coins that have been sold in ebay for more than 100€.

Best Regards