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by catt018
Thu 05 Apr 2012, 09:47
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Topic: Malta issues for 2012
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Re: Malta issues for 2012

I contacted central bank when press release was issued and was informed that all those who recevied acknowlegment will be contacted on collection in due time. I guess people overseas will be asked to add postage fees.

Hope i was of help
by catt018
Tue 04 Oct 2011, 15:06
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Topic: Hello from Malta
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Hello from Malta

I have been collecting euros from when they were introduced here in malta. This was done thanks to alot of swapping partners. I hope to see the old friends and make new ones here. I also hope to have more time to organise my coins.

Hugs to everyone
by catt018
Sat 01 Oct 2011, 17:47
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Hi I entered this forum after i was kicked out from the last one cause of qa change of e mail. Hope this is the replacment we need, I sure it will be as i am seeing friendly faces (names). HOwever, when i logged in here and added the national flag and the george cross is missing in it. Maybe the res...