Euro banknotes i'm looking for

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Euro banknotes i'm looking for

Postby gris3 » Sat 06 Jul 2013, 18:39

Hello, i need some 5 and 10 eurobanknotes:

5 euro:

Netherlands P/P006

Netherlands P/F003

Netherlands P/R003

Spain V/M007

Spain V/M009

Cyprus G/E010

Austria N/F003

Austria N/F005

10 euro

Spain V/M002 and V/G005

I have:

5 euro Unc:

Spain V000.../M001, V/M003, V/M004, V/M008, V/M010, V/M012, V/M013, V/M015,V/M016

Malta F/E009C1 F/E009C2 and F00000../E009B1

France U/L014 U/L018

Germany X/P007

Netherlands P/E004

10 euro circulated:

Spain 10 euro V/M001, V/M003, V/G002 and V/G003

20 euro Unc:

Cyprus G000...G008

Spain V/M001

50 euro Unc:


50 euro circulated:

Spain V/M001 V/P001

Italy S/J015 (very rare)

I can buy or swap.

Many thanks and best regards.