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To our German friends

Posted: Tue 20 Dec 2016, 19:10
by jore
I'm so sad and so hungry to open this topic.
Deep condoleance to German citizens.

France, Belgium, Germany, Turky, who's next ? When these horribles things will be ended? :evil:

Re: To our German friends

Posted: Wed 21 Dec 2016, 13:51
by luca87
Each day, I hope with all myself that these dramatic events end up.
And I hope to don't listen this kind of notice yet, hope that the notice that I listen is the last.
It would be nice peace in the word, and that innocent people live their lives in peace.
Bu it seem impossibile, authority, police, seem can't do nothing vs bastards immigrants radicalized.
I'm very sorry and disapointed that people of this word can do cowardly acts of this type, they are not men, they are not human!
I'm very sorry and disapointed that French, Belgian, German citizens of Europe how me, and tourists from all over the world die in this way, it's horrible and unacceptable. I hope as soon as possible to be taken drastic measures against terrorism.
There are also an Italian girl lost, probably died to media, I hope until the end that she stay good and is alive. I hope for "Fabrizia" and all the other wounded.
That's enough!!!